Flower Petal Keepsake Jewelry - Preserve Funeral Flowers - Preserve Wedding Flowers - Preserve Dried Flowers - Preserve Fresh Flowers

Preserve Flowers in Jewelry & Keepsakes
Custom-Designed Keepsake Jewelry made from Flowers - YOUR Special Flowers
pieces of YOUR dried flower petals can be seen in each unique keepsake item!

  flower keepsake pandora style beads drop bead pendants all items packaged in jewelry pouch with card 1 bead bracelets single charm bracelet  

ll items are
packaged in black jewelry pouch with enclosed card telling about the jewelry/item
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Custom-Made Flower Keepsake Jewelry/Flower Petal Jewelry:  Bracelets (cape cod and alex & ani style),
Pendants, Silver Core Beads (fit Pandora* and similar), Rings, Keychains, Earrings, Letter Openers,
Tie Tacs,
Cuff Links, Christmas Ornaments and Wine Bottle Stoppers all made from your special flowers (gift certificates also available)

(dried petals are used so age of your flowers does not matter: flowers from this week, last year, or 10 years ago)
bits of fabric, crushed shell, hair, etc. can be incorporated - also Pet Keepsake Jewelry: preserve pet hair, ashes, etc.

Flower Keepsake GIFT CERTIFICATES!  Unique Wedding Gift or Funeral/Memorial Keepsake Gift

Please allow approximately 6 weeks turnaround time
(rush orders sometimes possible/rush fee) - FREE SHIPPING!
(*when sending payment with flowers)

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email orders and questions: KeepsakeJewelryArt@charter.net
All Jewelry items STERLING SILVER (.925 stamped) unless otherwise noted as fine silver (.999) *    Gift items are as noted in descriptions.

Custom-Made Sterling Silver

Flower Keepsake


drop bead pendant on chain Sterling Silver Drop Bead  Pendant
 click pictures to view larger

  a small silver core bead  
  permanently attached with a  silver   decorator bead on top
  and bottom

drop bead pendants
custom designed flower keepsake
drop bead pendant only - $110

(on 16-19" adjustable length sterling chain $135)

Hammered Sterling Silver
Square Pendant

click pictures to view larger

hammered silver circle in square organic pendant
 (approximately size of penny)


hammered silver pendant
 custom designed flower  keepsake
 hammered pendant only -  $110

 (on 16-19" adjustable length  chain  $135)

Sterling Silver Circle Pendant
click pictures to view larger
circle pendant on chain circle pendant only
 (choose from quarter-size
 or new smaller nickel-size! -
 please specify when ordering

custom designed flower keepsake
circle pendant only - $100

(on 16-19" adjustable length sterling chain $125)

Custom-Made Sterling Silver
Flower Keepsake Keychains

circle in square keychain Hammered Silver  Keychain
 click pictures to view larger


(inside circle size of penny)

custom designed flower keepsake
hammered keychain - $112

circular keyringCircular Pendant Silver Keychain
 click pictures to view larger

 circular pendant style keychain
  (quarter size)

custom designed flower keepsake
circular key chain - $102


Custom-Made Sterling Silver
Flower Keepsake Earrings

earringsDrop Bead Earrings
click pictures to view larger

a pair of small silver core beads  permanently mounted on  
 fishhook style earrings.

custom designed flower keepsake
drop bead earrings - $180

(other simpler styles available:
custom-order/email inquiry)

bracelet and earrings

New! Custom-Made Sterling Silver
Flower Keepsake Cufflinks
or Tie Tack

 Cufflinks or Tie Tack

 click picture to view larger

 a pair of round sterling silver  
cufflinks OR round sterling silver tie tack (16mm)

filled with flower keepsake memories - for him !

custom designed flower keepsake
(pair) - $125
tie tack
(chain hook backing)- $125

Flower Keepsake Ornament

Unique Gift!
A custom-made heart shaped pewter christmas ornament made from your keepsake flowers! Keep special memories during the holidays or hang year-round as a special keepsake. Makes a unique and special gift!

custom designed heart shaped
flower keepsake ornament -

(Pewter; heart shaped; solid back - 55 x 31 mm (ruler shown mm)- approx 2.1 inches long x 1.2 inches across)

heart ornamentflower keepsake ornament

Yes, we have Gift Certificates!

Unique Wedding Gift or
Funeral/Memorial Keepsake Gift

email: KeepsakeJewelryArt@charter.net

Custom-Made Sterling Silver

Flower Keepsake

Two design styles to choose from:
Cape Cod-style bead or
Alex & Ani-style charm)

flower keepsake bead bracelet 1 bead bracelet white petals

1 bead bracelets flower keepsake bracelet and beads
1-bead bracelet $140

  click pictures to view larger

  1-bead custom designed
Cape Cod style* open cuff bracelet (above) - $140
design includes round sterling silver core flower bead
with sterling silver separator/ side beads

3-bead flower keepsake bracelet 3 bead bracelet
(special order 3-bead bracelets:
all beads same $265; each bead different $295)

  click pictures to view larger

single charm bracelet
charm style bracelet $110 - custom filled

 custom designed
Alex & Ani-style* charm bracelet (above) - $110

design includes sterling silver wire adjustable expandable bracelet and 1 attached round sterling silver one-sided flower keepsake charm
(charm is the size of us nickel coin; filled similar to pendants at left with your flower keepsakes)
 unlike Alex & Ani bracelets,
these bracelets are STERLING SILVER!
a sophisticated upgrade to the same classic look
but with a daintier look and feel


**Jewelry design styles similar to cape cod,
alex & ani and pandora but not affiliated
in any way with these companies)

Custom-Made Fine Silver
Flower Keepsake Rings

extra wide 9 mm band of fine silver with a full wrap-around channel with inclusions of your special flowers!

wide channel set ring

rings thin and wide
click pictures to view larger

custom designed
flower keepsake ring

8-9mm Wide
(fine silver .999)
- $110

(wide shown top picture;
wide and thin bottom picture)

5-6mm Thin
(sterling silver .925)
- $110

(available in whole sizes only 6,7,8,9
rings run small//recommend order up a size)

(on 16-19" adjustable length
sterling silver snake chain + $25)

looks great as a thumb ring,
woman's ring, man's ring,  
or worn on a chain
as a unique pendant!



Letter Opener
stainless steel - with handle custom-crafted from your flowers - a wonderful gift and addition to any desk!

letter opener
click picture to view larger

 custom designed
flower keepsake letter opener -


Wine Bottle Stoppers!  
stainless steel with
wrap-around band
filled with flower keepsake memories!
A Unique keepsake to display your flowers!!

stainless steel bottle stopper

flower keepsake wine bottle stoppers
 custom designed
flower keepsake wine bottle stopper - $80

Custom-Made Fine Silver
Silver Core Beads™

sized perfectly to fit Pandora*, etc.

1/4" silver core

custom designed
flower keepsake
silver core bead - $80
(either size)

(*The inside diameter of the sterling silver bead is sized perfectly to fit the popular Pandora™, Chamilia™, Biagi™ and Trollbeads™ type bead charm bracelets.)

Make a custom keepsake bead for your Pandora or similar bracelet from flowers!

...on bracelet, necklace, keychain, or just displayed on leather cord
(rearview mirror, dresser)
- a versatile keepsake!

unique wedding gift or
bridesmaid gift!

click pictures to view larger

pandora style flower keepsake bead

pandora1pandora style 1/4"

yellow bead 4p

custom designed
flower keepsake
silver core bead - $80
(either size)

above beads 1/4" inside core
(this is the typical size seen on Pandora or other similar style bracelet - threaded and non-threaded available;
also looks great on chain!.

3/8 silver core bead on chain

(on 16-19" adjustable length sterling chain $105)

 1/4" silver core bead on chain
    1/4" Bead
(~7mm x 14 mm)

(typical size seen on
Pandora and similar bracelets)

click pictures to view larger

3/8" silver core bead on chain 

3/8 " Bead
(~9.5mm x 15 mm)
(just slightly larger and rounder,
usually best for wearing as a pendant
or hanging on display)
threaded and non-threaded

3/8 and 1/4 beads

Don't see what you want ?
Custom Filled Pendants &
Keepsake Items

I can fill or cover almost anything you provide, or I can find
for you, with flower-keepsake material (click to see samples in Photo Gallery) Any piece of jewelry with an outline or open design, pendant with an opening, ring with an open area, open heart, cross, etc. can probably be filled. Email inquiries regarding
custom orders are always welcome! Custom charges apply.

please email: KeepsakeJewelryArt@charter.net for more info

In Addition to Flowers.....
grains of sand, hair clippings, bits of ribbon, small bits of silk flowers, small bits of fabric, etc.

Pet Keepsake

pet keepsakes 

Pet Keepsake silver core style beads (fit Pandora, etc.), pendants, keychains,  etc. jewelry in  memory of your dog,   cat, horse, bird,  etc. - can be made  with inclusions of  pet hair/fur,  feathers, ashes etc.
(card with pet's picture and name included if you would like)
(same items and prices as regular keepsake jewelry, but with pet hair instead of flowers; or combine both!)

Specialty Beads 

I also have petals to
make the following special occasion beads/ jewelry:
Valentine's Day - rose petals
St Patrick's Day - shamrock petals
- spring colors
4th of July/Vet - red, white & blue
Fall - foliage leaves and
Christmas - poinsettia red/green

Can't Decide?    Give a Keepsake JewelryArt  GIFT CERTIFICATE! available for any item or any amount
Please allow approximately 6 weeks turnaround time (rush orders sometimes possible/rush fee) - FREE SHIPPING! (*when sending payment with flowers)
Prices include shipping (when sending payment with flowers) and packaging - additional sales tax only in Massachusetts (please add 6.25%)
(international orders welcome, but do require shipping charge,
email: KeepsakeJewelryArt@charter.net for more info

Flowers represent special memories of a cherished person or event in our lives.  

People save flowers all the time - special flowers that are a connection to a special person or time in our lives. Now you can have pieces of these flowers and bits of these memories incorporated into unique custom-made keepsake pieces.
Preserve petals from a bridal bouquet, funeral flowers, your daughter's prom flowers, or even a simple flower picked during a special walk. Make a bracelet from your grandmother's rose bush; give your special someone a bracelet made from lilacs because they are her favorite; have a piece created for yourself, or give one as a unique and lasting gift – wedding gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, mother's day gift, or a custom keepsake piece in memory of a lost loved one .....
The reasons are endless, and so are the memories!

Thank You for Visting KeepsakeJewelryArt  
I look forward to making you a unique and special keepsake piece
                                                - Jewelry Designer/Donna Clayfield, Spencer, MA

Please allow approximately 6 weeks to receive your custom-designed pieces from the time I receive flowers.
(rush orders sometimes possible/rush fee)

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